Try COMPRESS (I believe) from the EFFECTS drop-down menu....12db is the default setting....


On 4/8/2013 12:45 PM, Steve the Fiddle wrote:
On 8 April 2013 17:25, Michael Schnell <> wrote:
On 08.04.2013 10:21, Steve the Fiddle wrote:
Audacity has a "High Pass Filter" in the Effect menu that has a
selectable slope of 6 / 12 /24 / 36 / 48 dB/Octave. For finer control
you can use the "Equalization" effect and draw a slope as required in
the "Draw Curves" mode.
Of course I did find these filters. But their user interface completely
contradicts the workflow recommended by the article (fixed 12 dB Slope
for "nondestructive" filtering and an optional resonance for slight
"recreation" of the attenuated frequency range.)

Maybe there are VST plugins usable in the way described.

Moreover of course this should be doable with "realtime" listening control.


Of course we would all love to have real time processing in Audacity
but that will require a lot of development work.

You can use the Nyquist Prompt effect to apply a 12 dB/Octave filter
with optional resonance.
If, for example, you want a 150 Hz 12 dB/Oct high pass filter with a Q
of 2.5, enter the following code into the Nyquist Prompt effect:

(highpass2 s 150 2.5)

The "150" is the corner frequency and the "2.5" is the Q. Enter
different values as required.

Q factors above 0.7071 will increasingly cause a boost (ringing) at
the corner frequency.


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