Leland wrote:
Leland wrote:
You can turn word wrapping on or off.
It does parentheses matching now.

It now sports a fancy, shmancy toolbar with small and large images 
courtesy of Tango.


I've been on a conference call pretty much all of 11 hours working out a 
network problem between my work and one of our partners, so I needed 
something to do during the waiting periods.  :-)

Thanks Leland, I've got it working nicely now (version 09.048).
Once I figured out the correct path to put into the makefile for the audacity_dir variable it was quite straightforward.

It's a bit awkward that I have to cd to audacity directory then type the full path of the audacity executable, but it is working and I think that I will find it a really useful tool (already found and fixed a bug in one of my plug-ins with the aid of nyqbench).

The parentheses matching works, but it only flashes up very briefly, so I have to watch the screen closely so as not to miss it. Is that what happens on your machine? I don't know if it is possible, but it would be nice if the red highlight remained visible while the cursor was next to a "(" or ")".

The other thing that is a little inconvenient is that the nyqbench window disappears behind Audacity after "F5". An option for "always on top" could perhaps be useful.

OK, so time to have a look at this fancy, shmancy toolbar :)