I would update to the latest version first and then crisp and valve do not go together you would need to round off most of your waveforms,  rounding takes allot of the high end away so I would treble cut to your tast or the low pass filter set high or to your taste both plugins are in audacity.
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I have Audacity 2.0 for Windows Vista and I’m trying to find a good combination.  I want my music and voice files to sound as though they are coming from a vacuum tube amplifier.  What I’m hunting for is a  warm, crisp, hi-fi sound.  I’m trying to figure out what equalization curves, compressors, filters to use on my files to make the sound warm as if it were coming out of a tube amplifier or radio console from the 1950s.  Here are two you tube videos that demonstrate the kind of sound I‘m looking for:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq9tIBX4OMc

Any help would much be appreciated.


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