can u use audacity to save the song titles from a cd oe lps?i know u can do it manually but
can u use it 4 cds?


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> I have a question how do get on the bottom of the screen track
> start and end so I can play with the numbers to edit  a certain track

Assuming you are using a 1.2 version of Audacity, you cannot do
this very easily with keyboard alone. If you are sighted, click on
the vertical scrollbar to right of the tracks then you can drag that
scrollbar or use the up and down arrows on the keyboard to
scroll. Or use View > Fit Vertically (CTRL + SHIFT + F) then the
bottom track will be within the scroll if the tracks can be fitted at
minimum height.

When you are on a track, HOME goes to the start of the track and
END goes to the end.

If you are not sighted, it's far better you use Audacity 1.3 Beta:

You can read information for visually impaired users (including 
tips for working with Audacity 1.2) here:

In either version of Audacity, go to the Keyboard tab of Preferences
to find all the keyboard shortcuts.

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Alternatively if you have occasional questions you may ask them on
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First of all, try searching the Forum for your question. If you don't find
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