I would suggest something that automatically splits up the tracks when recording off vinyl or tapes.

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| From William Baltuska
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    | Is there an easier way to record vinyl records using audacity
    | and split them up besides using the Add label selection and starting
    | with the cursor?

What would you suggest? What difficulties are you encountering in using
labels for splitting tracks, and have you seen our tutorial on the subject?

Otherwise, you need to select the area of audio track that you want for your
first LP track, Edit > Split it to a new track in the Audacity window, and name it
by clicking the downward pointing arrow at the top of its Track Panel > Name
(i.e. above the mute/solo buttons). Repeat the process for all your other LP tracks.
Close the former long audio track you've been splitting out of, then File > Export

Even simpler, but more laborious, select the area of audio corresponding to your
first LP track, File > Export Selection As.... , choose the filename in the dialogue
and hit save. Then repeat for all your other songs.

Gale Andrews


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