The question  (originally sent to Personal Computer World):-
Years ago (well decades really) one could get hardware to expand and compress the dynamic range of music so it could be stored better on tape.

I like to listen to classical CDs in the car, but this suffers from the need to continually adjust the volume level to hear the soft passages.

Do you know of any software which offers the ability to make soft passages louder, so that they can be heard better above the road/engine noise?

The answer so far:-
The process though leaves a lot to be desired:-

1. Use Windows Media player to read all tracks of a CD, and save them as MP3
2. For each track, use Audacity to a) read the track, b) select all, c) amplify so the volume is maximised with no clipping, d) apply the Automatic Volume Control and e) export the track as a wav file
3. Write a CD with all the AVC'd tracks.

I think I'll write to Audacity about putting in some batch processing features!

Whats the chances of something to automate this procedure?