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From: Lin Sprague <>
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Sent: Saturday, August 3, 2013 7:13 AM
Subject: Re: [Audacity-users] Recommended reasonable quality USB audio interfaces for recording

On 2 Aug 2013 at 22:55, Chris Green wrote:

> I'm thinking of buying a USB audio interface to do some recording using
> audacity.  I don't need *very* good quality because the vinyl and tapes
> I'm recording from are quite old and fairly worn, but I do want
> reasonable quality.
> What's recommended at a reasonable price?

Another vote here for the Behringer UCA202. It's the most basic of
their low-cost interfaces, but I bet they all have the same DAC, so
it's a matter of what features you want. Besides the USB interface,
it's got just an analog stereo in and out (RCA connectors.) For a
little bit more you can get one with a phono preamp or mic inputs and
preamp. This one's good enough for me, and I've transferred dozens of
LPs to digital with it. Cheap and cheerful.

This is amusing: one Behringer product is the UCA222... which appears
to be identical to the UCA202 except that it's (gasp!)... RED! And it
includes a "Massive software bundle including Audacity"!!! How generous
of them to include freely available software with their commercial
product. I bet it's not the latest version, either.

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