try tagscanner it is free and convert a few tracks with it medadata as well ,look in help it gives some explanation on tags as well
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  A few months ago I started archiving my CD collection.  I tried a bunch of different ripping tools that could produce FLAC files for archival purposes and settled on FreeRip3 which seemed fairly straightforward, it helped import tag info from freedb and seemed fairly user friendly.  I'm not more than 200 CDs into the process.  I'm ripping into FLAC (encoding level 5) for archival purposes.
I'm using Win XP Home edition on a desktop computer.
My Sansa Fuze MP3 player can read and play FLAC files but it won't play the files that are being created.  It sees the files but it quickly scans through the file, the next file, the next file and then it won't play them.
Others online (after a lot of research on the Sansa community forums) have had a problem as well and it seems to be related to something about how FreeRip3 handles the metadata?  Others have ruled out that the playback problem on the FUZE is related to the compression, and others have been able to rip files to FLAC using other programs (foobar, EAC, Media converter) and they did play on the Fuze just fine.
I'm not very good on metadata editing as there is a lot of 'code' marks that go into it that I don't understand.  I've researched this a lot and found a few other programs that edit metadata but I get lost in the difference between ID3 tabs, MP3 tags vs FLAC tags etc 
When I take a FLAC file and load it in Audacity and look at the metadata, I don't see data in some of the fields but I don't know if that is due to the fact that it is FLAC metadata vs MP3 type metadata?
I've tried changing the FLAC to a MP3 using a variety of programs (Foobar, Audacity, etc) but I can't seem to get the tag data correct.
There is a seemingly powerful program to mass change tag data (godfather is its name) and it offers to update for me but that doesn't seem to fix the problem where audacity can't see the metadata.
I hate to think that I would have to rerip everything from CD.  Is there a program that will allow me to updata metadata hopefully in mass or in batch mode and perhaps automatically take it from the freedb or other web database or at least let me do it differently than 1 CD at a time, or in Audacity 1 track at a time?
I discovered now that i can load a bunch of tracks into audacity into one project and then mass convert my FLAC to MP3.  This will be a helpful tool but I need to solve the metadata issue first.
Also, is there a way once I get to the point of converting FLAC to MP3 that I can keep folder structure intact so if I have 10 folders with 10 files in each, that the resulting batch conversion ends up with 10 folders with 10 MP3 files in each? 
I've somewhat given up no being able to put the FLAC files on my Sansa Fuze MP3 player, (the quality isn't that different through the player and I can certainly fit more Mp3s on it) so now I'm just more settled on converting to MP3 but fixing the metadata and then playing the MP3s on the player.

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