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From: Keith Sr.
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Sent: Friday, September 29, 2006 12:12 AM
Subject: operating Audacity.

   Just a quick note. I have been in contact with Gale for about three weeks, and I felt the communicate was good on Gale's part. I now realized I do not have the mental knowledge to use the info given. I  I had mentioned Tuesday that I was planning on deleting Audacity, since I can't use it. And then I thought today, I wondered if you folks had a operating manual I could get off your web site. I'll try most anything you might suggest. Otherwise I'll have to forget about what I had hoped for with your product, and unfortunately delete what I can not use. (and take a course, if I can find one around where I live ). Thanks to your Gale for all the help given.  Your grateful & hopeful to use your product someday if not soon, Keith  kiprrr@earthlink.net