Hi All,
I've been reading this list for a while and am impressed with
Audacity and the amount of development that is going on.
I've used V1.0.0 on Windows 2000/ Windows 98 quite a bit,
and today downloaded V1.1.3 off sourceforge to try it out. 
Hope some of this feedback is useful.
James Crook,
Dublin, Ireland.
V1.1.3 (Built Mar19-03), platform Win98.
* BUG: Each time I run the program it tells me:
"Warning, there is very little free disk space left on this volume."
There were 6.8Gb!  The free space shows as zero under
preferences too. 
//  BG: wxWindows 2.3.2 and higher claim to support this, through a function called wxGetDiskSpace
   wxLongLong freeSpace;
   wxGetDiskSpace(temp, NULL, &freeSpace);
   if (freeSpace >= 0) {
Looks like a bug in wxWindows 2.4.0.  (It's great, you guys even
say which version of wxWindows in the About Box).
Also for windows platforms I suggest leaving out the words
'on this volume' in the error message since windows users
think in terms of drives, C:, D: etc, not volumes.
The really nicest thing to do (when it's warranted) would be to say:
"Warning there is very little disk space left on C:\temp"
so that you know which drive or which volume the problem is with
whether on Linux or Windows.
* The smart ruler divisions are an excellent improvement. 
However at certian zooms the numbering above is spaced
unevenly, I get:
   14.10, 14.20, 14.40, 14.60, 14.70,14.90
It detracts from the overall clean appearance.  I would rather get
   14.00, 14.20, 14.60, 14.80, 15.00
Also the old blue lettering was better as a default than black since
the triangle indicating 'playing' shows up much better over it.
* I welcome the additional toolbars.  Is there a way to get
the toolbars to also dock stacked right to left when there is space
as I have unused space to the right of the tape recorder buttons?
* BUG: After applying 'Tremelo' (or other effects in that batch) to a
one minute region the selection shrinks to 30 seconds.
* I've gained the ability to push the boundary of the select region,
but I've lost the ability to set a boundary with shift and click.  I
miss this.  It's useful if you are selecting a range by clicking one
end, scrolling and then clicking the other end.
* Thanks to whoever fixed the tape recorder button logic!  Previously
I'd sometimes got caught by pressing 'stop' twice and then losing
the next 'play'.
* In the sub menus off the drop down menus that drops
from a sound track (items set sample format, set rate,
set snap to mode), it would be very helpful to have a tick beside
the currently selected option.
* BUG: With the new time track, setting ranges gives me a crash,
AUDACITY caused an invalid page fault in
module <unknown> at 00de:00e47554.
100% repeatable, though location of crash apparently varies
slightly.  Are more details useful to you??
* I like the new feature of the screen updating as you play a
sound.  Very handy.
Minor quibbles, overall excellent!
James Crook