I was wondering if you could help me?


I thought it had down loaded Audacity from sourceforge.net  as  it came up  with Done at the bottom of the page, however it did not have a progress bar or anything as it supposedly downloaded. It just said this may take a few minutes.


I cannot find the program in my programs anywhere. I have registered with sourceforte.net because I thought that may have been a requirement.                   My user name is:           debramaree.




At no time did it come up with anything like Would you like to save or run this program.



I thought perhaps it was a glitch so I went through this process about three times. I still dont have the program in program files, nor a shortcut.



I find this site very difficult to navigate you are not guided to the next process at all. It is a matter of trial and error. It is very frustrating indeed.


 I thought by clicking on download it would be a simple process but for some reason I am not getting anywhere.

I went to TAFE and completed a short course on this program and was incredibly impressed with it until I came home and tried to down load it for my self.


I completed the course 12 months ago and was unsuccessful trying to down load it back then. For several hours tonight I have again tried to down load it and still have not been able to.


 Could you please give me some tips- I would truly love to use this program but cannot get to first base!

Do I need to down load something else as well?




PS: I have plenty of space on my hard drive, I have XP as an operating system, excellent graphic and sound card, we have broad band etc.


Thank you


Debbie Woods


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