Surround two subgraphs and create an edge


  • Anonymous

    I want to surrond two subgraphs. The idea of group doesn't help me. When I use group notion, i can't visualize the edge between two nodes that belong to two different subgraphs. In fact, I want ti visualize this

    Could you help me?
    Thank you

  • David Auber
    David Auber

    Nice picture,

    If you use tulip 3.x series you can generate image somewhat similar to that.
    To obtain what you want you have to create one subgraph for each group.
    Then, to surround these subgraph, go into the scene tab (layer manager) and chek the combo box for subgraphs.
    Tulip will display a convex hull for each subgraph on top of your graph.

    That feature is not yet supported in Tulip 4.x, we are trying to integrate it in a more intuitive way.