aTunes 2 beta bug reportings & 1 request


  • Anonymous


    Id like to report problems with the current (Feb 24) beta of aTunes 2.0:

    Btw what does it mean when songs/artists are displayed in red?

    • the current v2.0 build has a severe problem at start: theres no default empty playlist created and the "playlist" button wont react. the solution was to load an already created playlist (which was not empty) and then restart aTunes. Then it showed the loaded playlist and the playlist button worked aswell.

    • its possible to add podcasts, but not to delete them.

    • aTunes sometimes forgets the currently loaded playlist when closed and restarted.

    • aTunes 2.0 doesnt recognise the multimedia keys on my keyboard properly. If I want them to work I have to untick and tick them again in the settings menu each time I use aTunes. This problem did not occur in 1.13.6, the keys worked fine there after enabling them once.

    • request: aTunes should save changes to settings, layout changes etc. immediately. Until now not closing aTunes via File->Quit or "Quit" from the tray icon meant losing all settings that were made in the current session. This happened to me quite oftened when I shut down or rebooted my PC while aTunes was still running.

    And a request: changes


  • Anonymous

    additional info:
    The problem with the unread tags occurs with ID3 v1 tags only and persists in
    the newly released RC of aTunes.


  • Anonymous

    and another one: Podcasts still cant be removed.

    my OS: Win7 Ultimate x64

  • TBeckers

    Concerning the playlist problems: Have you tried to delete the config folder
    of aTunes? (~/-aTunes)


  • Anonymous

    where do I find it in Windows?

    Another reporting: The problem with the not read tags seems not to be solely
    one with v1 IDTags. I saved all existing tags also as v2 and v3 using the
    software mp3tags. Refreshing the music library afterwards did not solve it,
    nor did completely resetting help.


  • Anonymous

    as for the RC:
    - the problem with the tags, that are not read out correctly, still persists. Even after deletion of the config folder.

    • hotkey feature in settings menu deactivated. is this supposed to be like that in the RC?

    • renewing my request: please make aTunes save settings changes immediately. Otherwise it will ask you for music library folder each time after the first start, when its not closed properly (for example, when windows closes it during shutdown).

  • I have another error with the RC. I cannot use the feature to store the lyrics
    automatically in the files, but the lyrics are fetched correctly when I play
    the songs. The error message that I see is the following one: INFO Cannot
    fetch lyrics for: Urtz/Maiatzak 10. Being "Urtz/Maiatzak 10" the name of the
    group and the song respectively.
    My operating system is Ubuntu Karmic amd64.