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Attal 1.0-rc2 released

The whole Attal's team is pleased to announce the 1.0-rc2 release of Attal. This release is the second candidate for the 1.0 release of Attal.
Here a list of changes:
- No more necessity of LD_LIBRARY_PATH on linux
- Resource management rewrite, added local resources
- Population is another resource
- Levels implemented
- Possibility to steal resources to creatures
- Remote server control added
- Speed improvement and refactoring of code
- Improvements in fight interface
- Allow 'chat' in fight mode and base display
- ThemeEditor improved
- Added actions to bases
- Add popup help
- Better debian package
- Bug fixing
- Medieval theme:
- Resources changed, now only: Money, Wood, Iron, Food, Diamond, Population
- 'Mines' buildings in adventure mode smaller
- Units smaller
- Water transitions
- New flags

Posted by lusum 2008-05-24