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Atris 1.0.8 Released

Full Report support has been added by integrating the jFreeReport API java libraries into the framework, providing seamless integration with the internal Atris classes. The developer can now add reports to applications quickly, thus providing a more mature and polished application to the end user.

Initial Internationalization support has been added. This support is based on the Java i18n API package, and allows the framework to adapt to the current language settings. Although not fully realized, this step forward gives the developer the option of using different languages, independent of the programming logic and code by making use of text tags.... read more

Posted by Kevin Self 2005-02-08

Atris 1.0.7a (Patch) Released

This latest release corrects several minor bugs dealing with split screens, and default key operations, and also correct the problems with command line LandF selection that causes problems with running an MAC OS based machines.

Posted by Kevin Self 2004-11-03

Atris 1.0.7 Released

The new release of the Atris Framework includes built in full text, context sensitive extendable help, print capabilities, server side and user defined filters that are preserved, upgrades to the latest graphing API, an improved menu look, and many other upgrades, fixes and additions.

Posted by Kevin Self 2004-10-29

Release 1.0.6b (Patch) released

The Release fixes several bugs and adds the ability to select colours from the preferences for the interface.

Posted by Kevin Self 2004-09-07

Version 1.0.6 if the Atris Framework Released

Version 1.0.6 represents a significant improvement over the existing framework code. The code changes focus on real world compatibility and usability issues to ensure that the framework can be utilized in as many places as possible. In addition, ease of use concerns have been addressed, to make the finished GUI application easier to use and more consistent. The Screen editor has been improved, with additional functions (including an UNDO feature) to make screen development as simple as possible. A great amount of effort was put into providing extensive examples and code samples. A new tutorial document was created that provides an overview of the design pattern classes available for use. Lastly, extensive work was done in ensuring compatibility with various database engines (including the addition of a compatibility suite to test compatibility with database vendors), especially in the area of auto-generated SQL code, and a document was written to address these issues specifically.

Posted by Kevin Self 2004-08-18

Version 1.0.5 has been released

Announcing the latest release of the Atris Framework. This release adds more advanced editing abilities to the screen editor (including graphics on buttons and tab pages), improved screen management, as well fixes to formatting and screen layout problems. The source code has been repackaged and now uses ANT to compile, allowing anyone to build an environment to modify the code.

Posted by Kevin Self 2004-03-18

Version 1.0.4a (patch) has been released

This incremental patch release fixes problems in the following areas:
Initialize Records/Create records in some database
Introduction of NVO (Non-Visual Objects) for screens
Additional attributes for Graph objects added
Fixes to the editor's cursor focus.
Addition of BigInteger data type handling.
Fixes to documentation to add specs on using Images
Fixes to tutorial to add details on using image fields.
Minor corrections to some documents... read more

Posted by Kevin Self 2003-11-12

Version 1.0.4 has been released

Version 1.0.4 of the atris Framework has been released. This powerful java GUI screen builder and Application framework now supports Graphs and binary Images. Develop your interface visually, (including graphs and images), then build your logic to control the screen. Set up your web Server and launch the GUI Applications directly from a web site. The framework is now more Unix friendly, and has removed file path dependencies for application properties. Additional examples and comments have been added to the tutorials and documentation. Several bugs were removed.

Posted by Kevin Self 2003-10-30

Atris 1.0.3h Released (patch)

Correction to the run time to fix the operation of the screen editor with the new framework classes.

Posted by Kevin Self 2003-10-08

Release 1.03g

The Latest Atris Java/GUI n-Tier framework (A Java based RAD Platform independent GUI framework) has been released. This release improves stability, and demonstrates how to create true GUI Applications that can be launched directly from a Web Site, paving the way for advanced web-services based applications.

Posted by Kevin Self 2003-10-06