Total existing atoms as larger than filesize.

  • Sobchak

    Hey there, I'm trying to remove iTunes tags view the -metaEnema command. However I keep getting this error on just TWO of the twelve tracks:

    AtomicParsley error: total existing atoms present as larger than filesize. Aborting.
    76 1184107

    Can anyone help me with this, by chance? Thanks in advance, gents.

  • Scott Alfter
    Scott Alfter

    I ran into this error with about 600 files (out of about 7500 from which I wanted to remove some tags).  I commented out lines 4372-4380 in AtomicParsley.cpp and recompiled.  Tests on a couple of files indicated no damage to the audio data, cover art, or tags which hadn't been targeted for removal.  What purpose this code serves is unclear; the program seens to work well enough without it.

  • Woody

    I've been having this problem for quite a while when I try to make any change to an mp4 video file.  I'm using 0.9.0 on Gentoo Linux.  I have not found any way to fix it other than to re-encode the file.  I would love to know if anybody has a fix for this, because it's driving me crazy.

    I saw the post from 'salfter1' saying that he hacked the code and it fixed the problem for audio files.  Don't know if that would work with video files, too, or if that's a good fix.  Any ideas or workarounds appreciated.