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ASXGui: 2.2.0 Released

An Open Source VB 9.0 video encoding project in production stage. It aims to be the most versatile and easiest way to convert your videos. Any Format of video is supported. Decoder: ffdshow ffmpeg Encoder x264 cli.

- Created speed vs. quality based profiles.
- Added more AAC encoding modes.
- Changed default AAC encoding mode to "Auto"
- Changed automatic bitrate equation for AAC HE.
- Changed method of thumbnail generation, much faster now.
- Added option to view thumbnail of output video (including all processing filters)
- Added Click Thumbnail to Refresh.
- Added Option to Change Default Profile.
- Added ability to change profiles from the main Wizard screen.
- Added ability to save screencap by right clicking thumbnail. (full resolution)
- Fixed a bug with reading AVC files.

Posted by Andy Gilleand 2009-04-06

2.1.5 Released

- Reduced automatic update delay on load.

Posted by Andy Gilleand 2009-03-05


I don't ask this very much, but the recent economy has drastically affected my life right now, and I'm simply asking for a little help. Right now ASXGui is my one and only job, and I'd very much appreciate it if people would donate. If you don't have the money, don't worry about it. But, for the people who have the money and enjoy using ASXGui, and wish for its development to continue, I hope you'll take the time to donate.... read more

Posted by Andy Gilleand 2009-03-03

Code uploaded to SVN

"VB.NET - current" is the root for the current releases of ASXGui.

"C# Rewrite - WIP" is the root for the project I'm currently working on. I'm re-writing all of ASXGui in C#, making a lot of optimizations along the way. Right now this version is listed as version 3.0.0, but the actual final version will depend on whenever I finish it.

Posted by Andy Gilleand 2009-03-01

2.1.4 Released

- Support for non-US regions improved.
- Fixed a bug that broke x264 in Windows 7.

Posted by Andy Gilleand 2009-03-01