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Which dynamic language to choose for the UI

  • Like all software, the project decomposes into two separate parts. One of them, the "core", will be the shared library doing the central work: Find matching patterns in series of horoscopes.

    The other part, the "user interface", will be a convenience program for calling the core functions. We will have to evaluate the proper way to model this user interface. It has to provide an interpreter for a domain specific language, the language of astrologers...

    There are several options to check:
    - In Excel, not VBA but VBScript (or JScript) allows execution of dynamic code. One could build on that, exploiting the possibilities of Excel for presenting the result list.
    - XIDEK, see, looks promising. I will make some experiments with it.
    - Other scripting languages are possible (like Perl), even a Java UI with a text window accepting dynamic code built on Groovy is an option