#10 use time & location from CityTime


Instead of depending on the user to enter the TZ, LAT,
and LONG, would it be possible to pick up this info
from the HomeCity in the built-in CityTime
application? (I don't know anything about the Palm OS
to know if this is doable, but it seems like you ought
to be able to!)

There is already the City Coordinates, TZ, and daylight
savings time info in CityTime. An additional plus, is
if the user flies to a different city, s/he can just
change the Home City and the Palm will have the new TZ,
LAT, and LONG without the user having to reenter it.

Since you can edit the City info, the user can put in
all the cities/locations that they may want.


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    CityTime is a proprietary application and non handspring
    user have to buy it. So if we support it, then we mustn't
    rely on it.

    There are some technical problems. The database format
    isn't documented, so we have to guess which bytes contain
    the location, the time zone and the DST rules. AstroInfo
    doesn't currently allow self-defined DST rules (but this is
    the smallest problem). And finally we aren't sure that the
    format isn't changed in the next release.

    Are we legally allowed to read the database?
    Are we allowed to write it (in case we want to add a way to
    edit city locations inside AstroInfo)?

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