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astercc, asterisk realtime billing solut / News: Recent posts

asterBilling 0.15 released

* added pushcall mode(works with pushcall.agi)
* added billing by accountcode mode
* added query and hangup current channels in system page

Posted by solo 2011-02-20

asterBilling released 0.13

* fixed bug of update all reseller epayment information in profile page
* added the parameter ‘callshop_pay_fee’ in asterbilling.conf and reseller profile to control if callshop pays the fee by paypal.
* improved removePrefix in astercc.conf, supports like “removePrefix = 00,011″

Posted by solo 2010-10-14

asterBilling 0.11 released

added professional mode
added member mode switch
added Portuguese support

Posted by solo 2009-11-19

asterBilling 0.1 released

fixed a billing bug when num length confilict with prefix

Posted by solo 2009-09-18

asterBilling 0.099 released

* fixed can’t display report of today
* fixed bug in flash report
* add check credit reseller and callshop realtime when booth calling
* impoved send request by javascript in callshop interface
* fixed don’t update blance when cannel limit in booth
* add delete files what have uploaded
* fixed can’t find astercc license file when don’t run in ‘/opt’
* fixed ASR and ACD both are ‘0′ in report grid

Posted by solo 2009-06-27

asterbilling 0.098 released

* generate sip extension and sip reload by admin
* display connect speed of clid
* comment in credithistory
* reloadrate, useSrcchanWhenNoClid
* shortcut update customer rate for groupadmin
* support payment by paypal
* reload or restart asterisk in web

Posted by solo 2009-04-07

asterbilling 0.096 released

asterBilling new features:

* advance report(flash chart)
* multiple updating rate

asterBilling changelog:

* added multiple updating rate function for rate
* added delete and export through search in all page
* added advance report
* fixed sip_generate error in reseller interface
* fixed asterrc bug(don’t check prefix when set numlen)
* fixed systemstatus page display bug in IE
* added flash chart for report
* added remember me in login page

Posted by solo 2009-01-06

asterBilling 0.095 released

fixed the import bug
fixed the bug that when refreshrate is less than 0, asterrc doesnt bill
added new stastic reports
added inbound billing
added manager login page and clid login page
added group logo, group name and could be displayed on callshop page
added receipt feature
added billing second multiple
fixed do not delete group account when delete a group
fixed the bug astercclock always generate log
change the navigation bar

Posted by solo 2008-12-10