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AstBill-0.9.22 Finally Released

This release but incorporate a few bug fixes. It also fixes the database problems reported in the forums. There are 7 new modules. The next version of AstBill is to be released later during May 2007. This version is based on Drupal 5.1 and has a lot of new features.
This includes full use of CCN = Charge Code Numbers and a fully intergraded Trouble Ticket System. Have a look at our Roadmap if you are wondering where AstBill is heading

Posted by AstBill 2007-05-01

AstBill- Released

This release is mainly a bug fix.

If you are upgrading from you only need to replace the module files and the agi script agiastar.agi
No database update is needed.

# Minor Update of Perl Agi script agiastar.agi
# Fixed Sub getNumber($). asttrunk.removeprefix is now working
# Removed hardcoded 00 appended to SIP trunks. asttrunk.addprefix from the database is now to be used
# Fixed Error when Creating a new route
# Fixed Account Password is now allowed to be alfa numberic
# Automatic password assignment when administrator is creating account.
# Many other smaal Bug Fixes.

Posted by AstBill 2005-11-12

AstBill- Released

This is the BEST AstBill to day.

We have added a lot of functionallity and there is numerus bug fixes.

# Minor Update of Perl Agi script agiastar.agi
# Changed Sub getBalance($)
# Added field astaccount.startingcredit to Credit Control Calculation
# This allows us to process opening balance on Calling Card without entering Payments.
# Ensured $MaxMinute is comming from MaxMinute in table astsystem.
# This is the maximum minutes a call can last. It is now Database configurable.
# Added field astcurrency.ratetabledesc This field is now used for the Currency text shown in the Rate Table
# You have to fill in your own currency
# Major change of Credit Card Module.
# Implemented PHP number_format on many output fields.... read more

Posted by AstBill 2005-11-06

AstBill- with many new features Released

The AstBill project has released version of its open-source billing and VOIP management platform for Asterisk. There are many new features in this release. AstBill is also a maintenance release that fixes problems reported using the forums and the bug tracking system.

We STRONGLY recommend you to update to the latest version as AstBill. The software is under a very fast development schedule mainly thanks to feedback from the fast growing user community.... read more

Posted by AstBill 2005-10-17

AstBill- Released

* Implemented support for H323 as Client, Server and on trunks
* Added web interface for account status/active. Allows for DISABLED, REALTIME, STATIC and ANI/CLI Accounts
* Smaal changes to descriptive text in web interface
* Fixed smaal bug in astbill.sql database file. Semicolon missing on line 2763.

* Added 'DEF' record to table asttrunk. This record must be in the AstTrunk Table for CallRouting to work.
* Improved Debug output on Perl agi script agiastar.agi
* Added MySQL Table astsystem
* Added Default data to Table astsystem
* Updated extensions.conf added the below line mainly used when Asterisk intergrate with SER
* This also implement stronger security in some installations
* exten => _0[0-9].,3,GotoIf($["${BILLSTATUS}" = "NOACCOUNT"]?20)
* Changed `CountryPrefix` in table astuser to int
* Fixed bug in MySQL Stored Procedure astCreateAcc. Bug related to create account when no accounts exist.
* Added MySQL coloumn `static` to Table asttrunk

Posted by AstBill 2005-10-17

AstBill- Released

The AstBill team have released a new version of the popular web-based billing and management package for Asterisk.

The Release contain mainly bug fixes and Updated Perl agi scrips and cgi script to new configuration file location

Posted by AstBill 2005-10-11

AstBil Live CD Beta Released

AstBill-Live CD-Beta is a Live CD with AstBill, Asterisk 1.2 Beta, MySQL 5.0.13 based on DSL and Knoppix.

Run your personal Web Based IP PBX. No installation. Just boot from the CD.

SIP and IAX accounts are already configured. Slot in the CD and have your own running IP PBX with AstBill web-interface.

There is no better way to play with the new Asterisk REALTIME or to experiment with VOIP for the first time.... read more

Posted by AstBill 2005-10-10

AstBill with Multi Tenant and Credit Control Released

The latest version of AstBill is now released.

We have released our Multi Tenant Module and the Web-Interface for Payments.
The Credit Control Module is also included.

Please find below extracts from the change log.

* Added Missing Stored Procedure astCreateAccount
* Added Missing Asterisk file extconfig.conf
* Updated INSTALL.txt
* AstBill was written with the Apache2 rewrite_module enabled. Created problems when rewrite_module disabled. Now OK.
* Added astpayment.paydate to database
* Added Payment List and Form
* Added Credit Control Form
* Added Multi Tenant
* Added Invoice Number field 'invid' to table astcdr
* Added Table astinvoice and astinvoiceline

Posted by AstBill 2005-10-03

Updated Astbill Released

2005.09.26 Version

* Added cgi-bin files
* Added agi-bin files
* Updated INSTALL.txt to include Asterisk Configuration
Keep comming back. There is more to come.

Posted by AstBill 2005-09-26

First Public BETA release of AstBill

We are proud to announce the first Public BETA release of AstBill - the Brand new Billing, Routing and Management software for Asterisk.

AstBill is open source software licensed under the GPL, and is maintained and developed by a community of users and developers. AstBill is free to download and use. If you like what AstBill can do for you, please work with us to expand and refine AstBill to suit your needs. ... read more

Posted by AstBill 2005-09-25