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AST 0.2.1 Released!


* Automatically fill in last dividend value for new dividend transactions (WISH #1545628)
* Removed ast-0.1.9 import code from default install, configure with --enable-import to get it.
* Stopped using var/crash files in favour of var/log/error_log
* Removed requirement for user to be in DEBUG group to see full error messages in hopes that more people will submit bugs now.
* Removes the 'Guest' user from the default users database
* Added a forgotten password page to reset your password (required pwgen program installed)
* New users now have a randomly generated password (instead of blank)
* Added ability for users to change thier password in preferences
* Added stop-loss feature to portfolio. This feature allows you to program into the portfolio your stop loss and have it be trigged an alert. Also supports trailing stop losses.
* Removed rating change column from diversification summary (closes bug #1545653)
* Mouse over diversification summary no longer makes it highlight red.
* Fixed: Logging in at wrong time could cause crash (Fixes bug #1545976)
* Fixed: Quotes on portfolio don't show up until 10 AM (when they should show up at 9:45)
* Added target price field to portfolio
* Added support for recording commission costs (WISH #1544987)
* AST now compiles with -rdynamic which brings back missing stack trace symbols.
* Removed the word 'default' from the portfolio data as it is confusing (bug #1544615)
* Added ability to reorder views, to choose your default view.
* Views are no longer reordered when modifying them.
* Added ability to highlight patterns on chart (WISH #1538364)
* You can now use [field] in expressions when the field contains special characters (fixes bug #1532395)
* Added more documentation for mobile email address (fixes bug #1542325)
* Added ability to authenticate against generic SQL databases. Joomla is supported by default, others can be added manually or supported on request (WISH #1542241)
* Added website documentation into distribution
* Added INSTALL and README files
* Fixed crash when trying to sell shares for $0 (fixes bug #1542045)
* Now have the ability to automatically scale charts to your screen (WISH #1502624)
* Added help messages when a view is empty (WISH #1540287)
* Fixed: Daily Quote alert buttons Open and Close were switched (fixes bug #1541360)
* Added Yahoo Finance data source for worksheet (bug #1539013)
* Added more debugging information to bug form (system configuration info)
* When data is not available on a chart a nicer message is shown (fixes bug #1539013)
* Added missing system include to application.cc (fixes bug #1539018)
* Added ability to download all tables in AST as spreadsheets (WISH #1539004)
* Added ability to read quotes from a SQL database through ODBC
* Made libz an optional dependancy
* Made libmash an optional dependancy
* Fixed: Ast does not compile with >=ta-lib-0.2.0 (fixes bug #1511311)
* Fixed TA-lib ebuild failure when compiling with MAKEOPTS="-j2" or greater (bug #1538358)
* Added Read All button to portfolio (WISH #1532842)
* Some improvements to speed of stock screener
* Added new install.pl script which can automate installation of AST.
* Added feature to show chart prices when hovering over the chart.
* Added translation support to AST. If you want to translate AST please contact me!
* Removed current user from the list of users when granting portfolio permissions.

Posted by Michael Williamson 2006-08-29