ASSP 1.3.1 - Better than ever!

ASSP 1.3.1!

ASSP 1.3.1 is here! This ASSP version is packed with new features and enhancements! Fritz and the development group have put a lot of hard work into this one! ASSP 1.3.0 was scheduled to be released 2 months ago but right before it was published there was a request for a code review, and in the meantime there were so many new enhancements, that the decision was made to go straight to ASSP 1.3.1! So check out the changelog.txt for a list of all the new features. If you are new to ASSP be sure to check out the Wiki! Thanks to the efforts of Fritz and the rest of the ASSP development team and the whole ASSP community, a new release is now available! Many thanks to everyone helping keep the ASSP project the absolute best tool in the fight against SPAM.

Posted by gedwest 2007-05-04