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#15 OBJ: support relative indeces


The current implementation doesn't support relative indices and generates a "invalid vector<t> subscript" error when loading a mesh with a -10 index(or possible others, I haven't tried).

Changing the else clause at code/ObjFileParser.cpp(307) to the following seems to fix it, but I can't get my hands on any solid test data:
//OBJ USES 1 Base ARRAYS!!!!
const int iVal = atoi( pPtr );
int tmp = iVal;
while ( ( tmp = tmp / 10 )!=0 )

// fix for negative values
if( iVal < 0 ) ++iStep;

if ( iVal != 0 )
// Store parsed index
if ( 0 == iPos )
const int index = iVal < 0 ? m_pModel->m_Vertices.size() + iVal : iVal-1;
pIndices->push_back( index );
else if ( 1 == iPos )
const int index = iVal < 0 ? m_pModel->m_TextureCoord.size() + iVal : iVal-1;
pTexID->push_back( index );
else if ( 2 == iPos )
const int index = iVal < 0 ? m_pModel->m_Normals.size() + iVal : iVal-1;
pNormalID->push_back( index );
hasNormal = true;

Attached is the handgun obj from http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/newhere-s-weapon-obj-free/556764 that has negative/relative indices, but this model seems to have invalid vertex data as well.


  • Anonymous

    the vertex data of the attached model is fine, assimp viwer has problem displaying it since it's really small, scaling the model before or after fixes this issue.


  • Anonymous

    Files that load "successfully" have wrong coordinates.

    Last edit: Anonymous 2015-04-10
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