Assimp Fbx Animation

  • tmr9209

    I am trying to read in skeletal animation data, yet each of my animation nodes is adding in extra nodes. I believe it has to do with FbxImportSettings.h preservePivots being set to true.

    I would need help with one of these potential solutions:
    1.How would I change the preservePivots to false in my program? Would the Assimp data retain a more basic animation setup without these extra nodes?
    2.If this could not be done I would need some direction on how to parse the animation data with
    assimps weird extra nodes. How would I use the translation/prerotation/rotation/scale nodes in a normal animation setup below?

    // Repeat for each bone
    node.offset = bones offset transformation
    bonetransform = current pose matrix for that transform
    parenttransform = finaltransform of the parent bone

    finalTransform = parentTransform * boneTransform;
    boneMatrices[ nodeId ] = finalTransform * node.offset;

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  • Kim Kulling
    Kim Kulling

    to 1: With setting preservePivots = false the animation data will be lost, so keep this to true.

    to 2: You have to do your described way for each node in the hierarchy. Use google to find a really detailed explanation about this topic from Schrompf. Maybe we should start to create a FAQ for questions like this :-).