camera animation help needed

  • Kirill

    I was able to build a Skeleton Animation Player, thx to the code from
    "AssimpOpenGLDemo for, 2012." and other sources.

    But now I'm stuck at the camera(-animation).

    The DOC says:

    // Get the camera matrix for a camera at a specific time
    // if the node hierarchy for the camera does not contain
    // at least one animated node this is a static computation
    get-camera-matrix (node sceneRoot, camera cam) : matrix
    node cnd = find-node-for-camera(cam)
    matrix cmt = identity()

    // as usual - get the absolute camera transformation for this frame
    for each node nd in hierarchy from sceneRoot to cnd
      matrix cur
      if (is-animated(nd))
         cur = eval-animation(nd)
      else cur = nd->mTransformation;
      cmt = mult-matrices( cmt, cur )
    end for
    // now multiply with the camera's own local transform
    cam = mult-matrices (cam, get-camera-matrix(cmt) )


    unfortunately It is not obvious to me what to do :(

    a little Test Program in C++ would be helpful.

    If Somebody is interested in my Sources for Skeleton Animation / or some one wanna complete the source, get the archive at but be warned: this setup works with Visual Studio 2012 on a x64 windows 7. Sorry for the Size, but this includes the necessary Frameworks and a .fbx scene including an animated Model +animated Camera and animated Light for Testing.

    Thx for Help,