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assumed left hand systen x file importer

  • Hi,

    I use assimp 2 and import x files. The 3d modelling tool exports the x files right handed. Unfortunately, assimp makes an automatic conversation from left handed to right handed. In my case, it changes from right to left hand, because the original data is already right handed. Would be nice if there is a flag to change the standard behavior, or if the x file importer would not change the coordinate systerm automatically.

    Best regards


  • Not possible, sorry. There is no precise specification of XFiles, to be honest, but up to date every single XFile I've ever encountered was left-handed. And Assimp defines that all of the output is in right-handed coordinates by default, so a conversion is necessary.

    Mind you: there is no way to reliably detect if some arbitrary is left-handed or right-handed. The loader has no chance to know if this particular XFile is actually right-handed. So the only way to implant context knowledge into the XFile loader is via Assimp options. I can do this, but I'm *really* busy currently. You're definitely faster if you're just fixing it yourself. Comment out XFileImporter.cpp:161 and you're all set.