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Questions about word, "Ascape"

  • Dear sir.
    I have questions about word, "Ascape".
    What does "Ascape" mean??  I guess that Ascape is Artificial-scape and means artificial-view.  Am I right??
    I am a Japanese, so I am not sure how "Ascape" is pronouced in English??
    I guess that Ascape is pronounced like a (in s_a_me) + scape.  Am I right??

  • Miles Parker
    Miles Parker


    Thanks for asking. Yes it is just like that: long-A scape. BTW "Escape" is pronounced with a long-E scape as in "Easy" which is different from the English word "escape" which most people pronounce with an "eh" sound.

    The name refers to "A" for Agent and "Scape" in the sense of "landscape" or more generally a space of some sort where things occur. So it could be artificial or real, but (for me anyway) it also has a subtle sense a) of something that you could survey with your eyes, but also b) of "suchness" - which I think in Japanese is "nyo ze" - that is, the intrinsic quality is the same regardless of how we interpret it.

    It is inspired by the "Sugarscape" which Rob Axtell and Josh Epstein had written at Brookings just before I came to work there. As I was designing a platform to develop general models of the kinds of things they were doing with Sugarscape it seemed like a natural choice.

    so there you have it.. :)

  • Dear Miles.

    Thank you for your rapid reply, especially the deep meaning of Ascape.  Your explanation encourages me and my co-researcher to use Ascape for our research more intentionally.