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Artifactory / News: Recent posts

Artifactory 2.0 has been released!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 2.0.

Artifactory (http://artifactory.jfrog.org) is an advanced Maven repository manager, offering powerful enterprise features, such as LDAP/Active Directory integration and fine-grained permission control, behind an easy-to-use user interface.

With this second major release of Artifactory, Artifactory is 100% configurable via an Ajax web UI and is packed with many enterprise-level features out-of the box:... read more

Posted by Yoav Landman 2009-01-05

Artifactory 1.3 release candidate is out!

Read the detailed release notes here:

Posted by Yoav Landman 2008-12-08

Artifactory 1.2.5u1 maintenance release

We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 1.2.5u1 release.

This is a maintenance, bug fixes and performance improvements update for 1.2.5.

The complete release notes are available here:

The new Artifactory User Guide is now hosted under our new Confluence at http://www.jfrog.org/confluence/display/RTF/User+Guide... read more

Posted by Yoav Landman 2008-01-17

Artifactory 1.2.5 final has been released!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 1.2.5 final release.

The main new features and improvements introduced in this version are:

* Virtual Repositories - Aggregate content view of any number of local and remote repositories combined into a virtual logical repository, providing extremely flexible artifacts resolution control.
* Full System Import and Export - Archiving the whole system content (incl. security and metadata) to a distributable zip format, which is great for quick system migration and seamless version upgrades.
* Remote Maven1 repositories - Artifactory now supports remote Maven1 repositories proxying.
* Backup Cleanup and Filtering - Automatic cleanup of old backups according to a retention period, plus filtering out certain repositories (such as caches) from being backed up.
* Unique Snapshots Cleanup - Control over the maximum number of unique snapshots deployed into each repository, plus automatic cleanup of old unique snapshots.
* Better Search - Improved search speed and easier search results display.
* Offline Repositories - Support for "offline" status of remote repositories to use caches only ( e.g. when the remote repository is down or misbehaves).
* WebDav Support - Artifactory can be used by any WebDAV compliant client. Currently the following commands are supported: options, get, propfind, put, mckol and delete.
* Improved Logging Management - Separate audit log file for all repository access events and separate general Artifactory log file under Tomcat.
* Configuration Runtime Updates - Configuration can be dynamically reloaded in runtime from the UI. No need to restart Artifactory to apply configuration changes.
* Many many bug fixes and minor improvements.... read more

Posted by Yoav Landman 2008-01-17

Artifactory 1.2.2 final has been released!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 1.2.2 final release.
This release contains bug-fixes and minor improvements for 1.2.1.

Major changes in this release
- Ability to read Read 'artifactory.home' property from the
environment variable 'ARTIFACTORY_HOME' and default to
'${user.home}/.artifactory' instead of '${user.dir}' as the home
- Ability to download more file types from the UI
- Better handling of deployed artifacts resulting file name
- Improved JCR foundations
- Improved documentation
- Other bug fixes and minor improvements... read more

Posted by Yoav Landman 2007-08-14

Artifactory 1.2.1 final has been released!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 1.2.1 final.

Major changes in this release (since
- Enhanced security model with repository+repository-path based authorization
- Importing repositories as zip archives
- Stricter deploy time checks for better repository consistency
- Fully JRE 1.5 compliant (both in standalone and war versions)
- Users can manage their own profile
- Improved documentation
- Many, many bug fixes and small improvements... read more

Posted by Yoav Landman 2007-06-25

Dependency Viewer has moved

Dependency Viewer has moved to its own project is now called Dependency Analyzer.
The new project home is:

Please refrain from donwloading deprecated releases.

Posted by Yoav Landman 2007-05-18

Artifactory, a Maven 2 enterprise proxy, released

Artifactory, a Maven 2 enterprise proxy has been released, together with a new web site and documentation.
Artifactory offers advanced proxying, caching and security facilities to answer the needs of a robust, reproducible and independent build environment using Maven 2.
It uses a JSR-170 Java Content Repository (JCR) for storage, which makes it extremely easy to manage searchable metadata, and provide extended features such as security, transacted operations, auditing, locking, etc.

Posted by Yoav Landman 2007-03-04