Problem downloading pom

  • I ran into my first problem with Artifactory...

    I am unable to download: velocity/velocity/1.5/velocity-1.5.pom
    Note that I am able to download: org/apache/velocity/velocity/1.5/velocity-1.5.pom
    If you look at its directory (, it does NOT have the maven-metadata.xml file like
    I am able to download:  velocity/velocity/1.4/velocity-1.4.pom
    So this leads me to believe that the maven-metadata.xml file is ill structured or something...

    I'm happy to blame a bad repo EXCEPT that if I don't use Artifactory, Maven downloads it just fine into my local repository from central.

    How did I discover this problem?  Simple, I just ran something like this:

    mvn archetype:create -DarchetypeGroupId=org.apache.maven.archetypes -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-webapp -DartifactId=my-webapp

    This has not caused me grief in the past, but just recently there was an upgrade to maven-archetype-plugin (2.0-alpha-3), and I think its dependency was changed to Velocity 1.5 (from 1.4).

    Can Artifactory be updated to handle this situation better?  If the archetype works without Artifactory, it should be able to work with it.