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Artifactory and Release Automation

  • nmolvin

    Learn how to integrate fully automated application deployments with your binary repository and make time-consuming manual changes and releases a thing of the past!

    Join us for this exciting live event and learn about:

    the role of binary repositories in release automation
    how to ensure complete traceability and auditability for every deployment
    managing version dependencies
    Led by Nolio's Product Director Ron Gidron, our latest webinar will show you how to seamlessly integrate programs such as Nexus and Artifactory with automated application releases in order to achieve true Zero Touch Deployment™.

    Following the presentation, Mr. Gidron will give a live demonstration on how Nolio can integrate with binary repositories and achieve complete deployment automation.

    All participants will be given the opportunity to talk directly with Mr. Gidron during a dedicated ‘Question and Answer’ session at the webinar’s conclusion.

    This event will take place on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 at 11am EST / 4pm GMT

    Register today: http://www2.noliosoft.com/nexus