Welcome to the Arthropod Easy Data Capture Wiki. This is the open-source version of the software that has been instrumental in many Arthropod data collection projects; implementing streamlined and efficient from field to publication workflows. Publications from the database are diverse, ecological, phylogenetic and biogeographic in nature.

The list of active projects utilizing AEC include (but are not limited to):
1. Bee Database Project
2. Tri-Tropic Interactions Thematic Collection Network
3. Plant Bugs Planetary Biodiversity Inventory Project

Publications about workflow and AEC utilization include:

1. Schuh RT, Hewson-Smith S, Ascher JS (2010) Specimen databases: A case study in 
   entomology using Web-based software. American Entomologist 56: 206-216.

2. Schuh RT (2012) Integrating specimen databases and revisionary systematics. 
   ZooKeys 209: 255267, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.209.3288

Please cite this software if you use it for your research and in publication [HowToCite]


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  • zzzzelp

    Just a brief update to let users know that we merged this version of Arthropod Easy Capture with the AMNH version today. I few bugs were fixed with the merge and improved Specimen record searching. It is highly advised to update your present working copy of the software from the repository with the new commits.

  • zzzzelp

    Hi all,
    I pushed an update today that made the code fully php5 compliant. Also, the intall.txt file now has information about the version of MBD2 necessary (i.e. 2.5.0b5 beta)

  • zzzzelp

    New updates were added to AEC code today. These include a updated database with default initial admin user and default project. Extra code was also removed from the project that is not integral to AEC functionality. These include old documentation from initial development and species page code. The species page code will be returned as soon as it is made to be more general.