Another release: 0.52.0

After almost a full month work, we are releasing a new version of Archimedes. Some nice feature have been added and some bugs corrected. It is still far from 0.17.x that was much more complete but we are moving towards that.
We are missing a lot of feedback about bugs, problems and the most important features to be brought back. This is the last month of the new team and the productivity will probably fall down again in July so, please, help us discover what are the most important feature to be implemented until July.
So far our next month of work involves:
-Saving and opening .arc (our own XML file format)
-Solving four or five bugs founds through the software
-Altering the dimension way to determine the text size
-Adding scale and stretch commands

I hope we are fast enough to provide a way to enable PDF export also but it is more likely that it will not happen until July. We are also struggling to make the intersection logic work again in the plugin system but it is quite complicated lately. If anyone has suggestions regarding this, we are surely accepting help.

Posted by Hugo Corbucci 2007-05-29