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#71 Command line build

All RCP Versions
Hugo Corbucci
Hugo Corbucci

The build system is now too complex and stops people from easily contributing to the project.
I would like to provide a command line way of building the software in order to improve the developers' experience.
I suggest using Plug-in Builder to generate the ANT build.xml file and correct the download all script to be used in this build.xml file.


  • Hugo Corbucci
    Hugo Corbucci

    • milestone: 897370 --> All RCP Versions
    • status: open --> closed
  • Hugo Corbucci
    Hugo Corbucci

    This is now solved.
    The project has a ArchimedesProjectSet.psf file in the project (
    One can now download this file, open Eclipse, go to File->Import...
    Type 'Team', select Team Project Set, choose that file and click Finish. This will download all projects and working sets for Archimedes on Eclipse from SVN.
    Given that, one should be able to run Archimedes by right clicking the project and choosing "Run As->Eclipse Application".

    To build the system on a command line, download all of Archimedes projects (using the project set might be the easiest way).
    Once this is done, create a file name '' on copying from file in that directory. Change the paths in this file to point to the directory that contains all of Archimedes project.
    Change the file to include your local preferences such as Eclipse location (be sure to have the Delta Pack installed on that eclipse), build directory, os, ws and arch.
    Once this is all done, run 'ant' command on the project directory and that should be it.
    Results will be in your build directory path on the folder 'results'.