#466 Wanderer shows duplicate drawers when accessing 'host' filesystems

paolo besser

Please see http://aros-exec.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=8599&post_id=86104#forumpost86104 for screenshots.

Hi, I got this strange issue with a recent (dec 31st) nightly build of AROS M68K running on AROS X86 with Janus-UAE. In practice, when I access my host volumes (host DH0: is defined as "Icaros:") some dirs immediately show duplicated in the list (this happens both in detailed and icon mode in wanderer) - see "Step1.jpg"

But once I enter a directory (es: "Icaros:fonts") and then I turn back to parent directory ("Icaros:"), issue gets worse. All directories are repeated more and more times. The more I repeat the enter dir/parent action, the more directories are repeated in the list - see Step2.jpg.

This happens only with host filesystems mounted in AROS M68K through Janus-UAE. If I look at icaros' "Hosted RAM:" device (which actually is AROS x86's RAM: drive), I can spot the same issue happening as well - see Step3.jpg

The question is "why?". Can this be investigated and fixed?

In these screenshots, Janus-UAE is configured to run full screen. It's not in "integration" mode.