The Kahului Lions Club News and Announcements January 14, 2004 This page is set aside to inform members of recent news and events, as well as to provide a location for assistance requests, such as needs for upcoming projects. Meeting Place Search Our club is searching for a different meeting place than our usual Thursdays at Maui Beach Hotel. We have already experienced dinner price increases from the hotel, so are again looking for another meeting place. The first meeting of January was held at the Hideaway, and the club voted to try it again for the January 22nd meeting. All new ideas welcomed! The February meeting locations are still not set. Members should contact their club officers to determine the exact meeting location. Bell-Ringing Turnout We had a great turnout for bell-ringing for the Salvation Army. The club thanks everyone who turned out for this event. We had a very good group of Leos attending as well. As a special guest visitor, K9 trainee dog "Lance" was present with Lion Elaine Randall. Christmas Dinner a Great Success Our Christmas dinner was a great success. Thanks to everyone who helped, and, of course, to all who attended. By-Law Changes Our club recently changed its by-laws in several areas. At the January 8 meeting, we amended our rules for "Spouse Appreciation Night" to allow the club to pay for the dinner of an accompanying spouse only. Previously, the club voted to rescind the rule that reimburses the President and Secretary for their dinners, when the club has dinner meetings. From now on, they have to pay their own dinner bills. Before that, our most recent changes were to clarify the disbursement of funds from various fund-raising activities. Previously in 2002-2003, we made small changes to the bylaws to update some obsolete wording and/or to be more in line with District 50 changes. One of the changes for this last year was that the club has lowered the dues for Affiliate members to be the same as for Regular members. Many Thanks for Those Who Helped on the Cameron Center Work Project Lion Ron Tamashiro expresses his appreciation for all the fine work performed by our club at Cameron Center over the last several weeks. The work was completed on December 6th, with the completion of the installation of a chain link fence. Kihei Club Recruitment We noted with sadness a few months ago, that the Kihei club had disbanded. The club had tried to grow its membership, but in the end, there were too many losses to sustain. However, there is good news on the horizon. Region Chair Lion Rodney Jung informs us that a number of island Lions have been aggressively recruiting new members in Kihei to start a new club. There has been much support from all island Lions for this new club start-up. Our own Membership Chair, Lions El Izon has been quite active. If you want to help and recruit for a new club, contact Lion El. Harvest Home Dinner a Success Our "Harvest Home" dinner was be held on November 20th. There were 53 people at the dinner, in spite of last-minute scheduling problems at Hale Mahaolu Ilima. Most attendees were able to move to Dani's, which generously offered their facility for the event. Dani's originally was scheduled only to cater the event. The auction of home-made, home-grown goods raised over $900 for our Convention Committee. Sight and Hearing Impaired Picnic a Great Success Our club provided food for the Sight and Hearing Impaired picnic. This event is the annual Zone (all-island) Lion "Thanksgiving Dinner" for our impaired clients. Lion James Enriques, our Sight and Hearing Committee chair, did a great job, directing the preparation (in Waihee) and transportation (to Kalama Park in Kihei) of a delicious dinner. As in previous years, our King Kekaulike High School Leo club assisted at the picnic. Leos at the Terry Fox Run As in previous years, our King Kekaulike High School Leo club was very active at the Terry Fox Run. This event is a fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society, and our Leos usually help set up and clean up from the various banquets held in Wailea. Our Lions Elaine Randall and Grace Ueoka worked with 25 Leo club members. District 50 Directories The directories have arrived for District 50. Be sure to get your copy at an upcoming meeting. Service Dogs Early in 2003, Lions Angie Haramoto and Elaine Randall attended a demonstration of service dogs. Unfortunately, only a few Lions (4 from our club, and one from Kihei) attended the event. It is hoped that our club can meet as a group with the dogs present sometime in the future. At several meetings, the club has been encouraged to help this organization, as their aims are in keeping with Lionism. Now that Lion President Ron Kubo is soliciting ideas for a "signature project" for our club, Lion Elaine Randall has pointed out that the "K9 for Independence" organization here on Maui supplies service dogs to the disabled who have a variety of needs. She recently took up the challenge and cared for a "trainee puppy" for a couple of months. She now have "Molly", a female trainee dog. Usually these dogs are kept for one year by a host family, and then turned over for the really intensive training. So, one suggestion "on the table" is for our club to fund part or all of a dog's training. This is just one idea. Lion President Ron Kubo is soliciting any other ideas for a "signature project" for our club. The Maui K9 project has been operating for only two years, but several dogs have already been placed with the disabled on the island. The organization has an office at Queen Ka'ahumanu Center, and you are welcomed to drop in and learn more about the program. In particular, the service dog organization needs sponsors (the training can cost as much as $10,000 each). Bring a Guest to Meetings In keeping with Lion President Ron Kubo's goal of adding 5 new members, we are encouraged to bring a guest to meetings, with the aim of creating interest and new membership in the club. Our Club Members in District 50 Cabinet As a result of selections made at the District 50 convention, we have three members who are on the District 50 Cabinet. Lion Rodney Jung is now Region Chair for our region. Lion Elaine Randall will be the Lion Quest Chair, and Lion Angie Haramoto will continue on as President of the HLF. We are very proud of our members in these important District offices! Awards to the Zone and Our Club Our Zone won several awards at the District 50 Convention, held in May 2003. All together we won 15 awards at the awards luncheon and another 2 International Presidential Awards at the District Governor Recognition Banquet. Besides the 15 awards won on this list Franklin Hamasaki (Haleakala Lions Secretary) and Carol Guerrero (Maui Lions Secretary) received the International President's Award for their dedication and prompt secretary reports. The Best Zone Award that we won was for First Place in the entire State. Here are the awards that our club members won at the Convention. 1st Place, Best Zone -- Region VI, Zone 1, Zone Chair, and Kahului Lion Rodney Jung 3rd Place, highest membership gain in our division 2nd Place, Outstanding President, Elaine Randall 2nd Place, Best Secretary, Charlotte Pontanilla 100% Secretary Award, Charlotte Pontanilla All of the awards are listed at: this PDF file [Information supplied by Lion Rodney Jung] Sight Is Indeed Beautiful Lion Angie recently received the following email, with some more attached. Well worth a read, this is what Lionism is all about. Since you're HLF President, I thought I'd share the following 2 email messages from my wife...she is not a Lion, but was present at the Convention during PDG Norman Sakata's HLF presentation. She sent the first message to her fellow teachers, and received the second message as a response.............. Myrna Daguio/MILUKA/HIDOE 05/15/2003 05:01 PM To: All Uka Teachers Subject: Helen Keller The Hawaii Lions Club had their State Convention this past weekend. Since many of our classes participated in the Lions Club's Sight is Beautiful Poster Contest, I thought I'd share the background of this poster contest. At one of the Lions Club's National Convention, Helen Keller challenged the Lions to become "knights for the blind in a crusade against darkness". Yes, the Lions took on her challenge and created the Sight First program. They coordinated cornea transplants, tested children's vision in schools, collected used eyeglasses for Third World countries, held Sight Is Beautiful Poster Contest, etc. In addition, the Lions in our State founded the Hawaii Lions Foundation, an organ donor organization. June Onishi's uncle, the late Shizuo Onishi, and Board of Education chair, Herb Watanabe, were very instrumental in this movement as Lions. Now the Lions not only do cornea transplant, they coordinate all organ donations. I have always thought the Lions Club was a terrific service organization. During this year's convention I learned a lot and I really wanted to share it with you because of the many connections to us. And all it takes to do all this service and more for the community is a $5 breakfast ticket and a lot of manpower. Would you or someone you know care of be a Lion? ******************************************************************************* Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 15:06:52 -1000 From: Myrna_Daguio/MILUKA/HIDOE.....[at]....notes...[dot]..k12..[dot]..hi..[dot].us Subject: sight IS beautiful To: All_Uka_Teachers.HIDOE...[at]..notes...[dot]..k12..[dot]..hi..[dot] Received this "chicken skin" story from someone after my Helen Keller email. Just had to share it with you! (Dad - Please forward this to the other Lions.) How ironic that this happened to the same family with a connection to the Lions Club. I'm sure the Lions aren't even aware of how their efforts touch the lives of those around us. Read on... When my son was in the 3rd grade, he won the "Sight Is Beautiful" Poster Contest at the State level. On the same day hewon this award, my niece accidentally stabbed her eye with a Pilot pen. She was a sophomore in high school at the time. We couldn't even share our good news with the family. Everything worked out fine in the end. She had a successful cornea transplant. It was just an eerie coincidence - the two events happened at the same time. You know how we always try to untangle a knot? Sometimes we use our teeth. My niece was trying to open a box, and was trying to loosen the knot with the point of her Pilot pen. Her hand slipped, and the point of the Pilot pen went right into her eye. I've since learned to always use a scissors to cut the string. Never mind saving the string for future use. A good lesson . . . . . . My sister's family lives in Hawaii Kai, and my niece was attending Kaiser High School at the time. When my niece had her accident, because of her young age,the prognosis for a successful cornea transplant was greater, than if the surgery was performed on an elderly person. Because of this, she was moved up onthe waiting list. The eye that received the cornea transplant has perfect vision. Previous to accident, my niece wore glasses / contacs. She still does for the other eye. ************************************************ OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE ************************************************ Robert N. Daguio, Administrative Officer The William S. Richardson School of Law EMail: rdaguio...[at]...hawaii...[dot] ************************************************** We Have Some Project Records There is an article elsewhere on this page, describing our need to document all projects we take on, so that the next committee chair will have helpful information. Other organizations make a practice of this, which greatly assists program chairs, because they help the chair to "hit the ground running" and get started on their project without having to ask around about how "it used to be done". Lion Angie Haramoto has put together a notebook of the 2003 Cookie Bake. This 3-ring binder has recipes, bills, costs and expenses, as well as forms used to get access to the school cafeteria where we make the cookies, forms needed by the State of Hawaii for the fund-raiser, and so on. Thanks, Lion Angie! We hope that chairs of other events will keep such good records, and pass them along to the next chair. Note that the photographs on this website also provide some useful documentation of the cookie baking process. We try to show all the activities: mixing, forming, baking, cooling, counting, bagging, etc. National Attention for Eyeglasses Project Around November, the Parade magazine in the Sunday newspaper had a great publicity item on the partnership between Lenscrafters and the Lions. The article describes the "Trick or Treat" for used glasses. An image of the article is here. A recent Dear Abby column also discussed the donations of glasses made by Lions worldwide. Our editor recently received an email asking about glasses. This would not be unusual, except that the email came from Senegal, West Africa: Hello, I am a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal, West Africa and I ran across your webpage on eyeglass donations. I was curious if you had contact information on the organizations that make these donations. I know there are programs out there, but I just don't know yet where to look. I am beginning a search for a friend of mine in my town who needs eyeglasses so she can continue in school. Please let me know if you have any useful information. Thanks, Patrick Hettinger Welcome New Members We inducted three new members into our club on January 13th: Lion Jason Armbruster, Lion James Enriques, and Lion Grelyn Rosario. Please welcome these new members. When you see them at a meeting or activity, be sure to introduce yourself and make them welcome. Also welcome our newer members Lion Sally Barron and Lion Grace Ueoka. E-Mailing Newsletters When a member fails to attend the second monthly meeting, they don't get their copy of the club newsletter. The club has to mail it to them, costing you the members at least 37 cents (it went up again!). If you want an electronic copy, rather than a mailed copy, just drop me an email: I will not put you on the paper mailing list. Note that an electronic copy of the newsletter can be downloaded from the main page of this website, instead of being emailed (it will be the same size on your computer's disk drive, regardless of whether I email it, or you download it). Thanks to those members who have requested email or web site access to the newsletter! New Officer Slate The new slate of officers for the new fiscal year are the following: President: Ron Kubo 1st Vice President: Vince Paiva 2nd Vice President: Robert Nadai 3rd Vice President: Charlotte Pontanilla IMM Past President: Elaine Randall Secretary: Angie Haramoto Treasurer: Jason Armbruster Tail Twister: Grace Ueoka Lion Tamer: James Enriques Membership: El Izon Director 1 Yr.: Leo Polo Director 1 Yr.: Sheri-Ann Daniels Director 2 Yrs.: Ron Tamashiro Director 2 Yrs.: Grelyn Rosario Insurance and Liability Members are advised to give care to the work environment around our projects. Lions International reminds us that, while there is liability insurance for official activities, we always want to lower the risk of damage and injury. For instance, it is useful to check the site of an event where we deal with the general public, to make sure that there are no problems, such as damaged parking lots, potholes in a field, etc. The board has selected Lion Bill Ruidas to be our risk assessment chair for the club. Help Needed for a History of the Club Why do we call certain meetings "Home & Home"? What community activities has our club done over the last 50 years? These questions and more are of interest for two reasons. One, we held our 50th Charter anniversary in 2003. Not only our members, but members of our sister clubs would like to know more about our club's history. The second reason is that new members don't know about these events, and have no way of easily finding out. So, those of you with extensive years with the club could help by providing information about our history. I think that we will all be surprised at how many community activities we have done in 50 years. Please send this information to your newsletter editor, who will put it all together, not only for the 50th Charter celebration, but also for the benefit of all of our members. Thank you for your assistance. The GOOD NEWS is that we have received some wonderful writeups on club history from Lion Masami Yamato. Keep Records of Projects Your club will be able to have better projects, when there is some information passed down from one project chair to the next one. For instance, the cookie bake could be made easier with records from past bakes that include: how many people needed to help, how long did it take, how much materials were required, what was the recipe, how much did it cost and what did we make from it? All of these questions are asked by the new chairperson of such an event. By having a file (even a simple manilla envelope will do), we can pass along our experiences. Some clubs have guidelines with people recording events in notebooks, with photographs, etc. While that may be too much effort for some people, any past information will be helpful. Your board of directors is interested in seeing this knowledge passed along, especially to our newer members. We Have a Mission Statement Thanks to the hard work of Lion Angie Haramoto, our club now has a mission statement. This statement was not created by a "select committee", but rather was the result of discussions held during regular membership meetings. This method helped members to focus more clearly on their view of how the club contributes to the community. The final statement was made up of pieces from several suggestions. The new mission statement reads: "We improve the quality of life by serving the blind, the disabled, and the community."