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#71 Lines disappear with XML data on Linux

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Interesting problem with several versions
of J, inclujding the latest 0.20.2.
(I am a huge fan, by the way, this is
my first gripe). I do a lot of XML editing.

This problem only seems to happen with XML on
the Linux system. Don't recall it happening
on Windows, or with other editor types.

Text lines between tags simply
disappear from the display. They
do not show up, either with normal
text or highlighted text.

This problem has something to do with
the automatic indentation performed by the
XML editor. Because: when I delete
the first character of a "disappeared"
line, the line reappears! However, when
that line gets re-indented in the
XML editor, it disappears again. This
is not consistent. Can go for hundreds
of lines with no problem, and then
one line disappears, or a whole
block of lines between tags.

Oh, these disappeared lines seem to
be the ones that appear
on their own between tags. Thus:

some content
more content

Those content lines can be "disappeared"
singly or all, depending on the indentation
of them, and the possible "whim" of
the editor.

Attached file has many missing sections,
when viewed with J.

I hope this is sufficient explanation of
what I am seeing.

Bob Swanson

rds [at] swansongrp [dot] com


  • XML file that has "disappeared" lines when viewed with J under Linux

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    AAAACK. My little example seems
    to have been eaten.

    [less than]fred[greater than]
    some content
    more content
    [less than][slash]fred[greater than]

    The idea is that the content lines that stand
    on their own often disappear from view
    when viewed under the latest J with Linux.

  • Peter Graves
    Peter Graves

    • status: open --> closed-fixed