#3 Tricks, Laps and Maze server modifications


Modifying the server code to recognize defined key
combinations opens up the possibility for:
- having tricks servers where players get points for
different kinds of tricks
- having lapping servers where players get points for
completed laps ++
- having mazing servers where players get points for
different types of mazes and how many iterations they

Some people like to perform tricks with their
lightcycles, some examples:
- 180ies (180 degree turns in several flavours with or
without the use of arena walls or player trails and/or
doublebinding etc.)
- recursive (i.e. theoretically eternal) selftunneling
- paperclips (intricate selftunneling which resembles
- SuperSpeedStrips (intentionally
bouncing/teleportating away from an arena wall or
player trail so as to form a tunnel as the bounce does
not create the "short-side" end wall and then driving
through/inside this for extra speed)

There are more and people will probably find new ones too.

Some people also like to do arena laps (arena laps are
based on one player grinding as close as possible to
the arena wall and then the next person grinding that
trail, and the next person yet again grinding that
trail and so on):
- standard lapping where the participants are heading
in the same direction: all either clockwise or
- non-standard where some are grinding cw and some ccw

There can be pure laps (no adjustment moves: only
corner turns) or non-pure laps where people "break" the
lapping to adjust their grind.

Yet again some people love to make mazes (which one
enters oneself and/or others enter as well): There are
many types of mazes (i don't remember their names):
- simple spiral
- double spirals, triple, quadruple and so on (i.e.
several players spiralmazing the same maze)
- zigzag mazes
- kinked square mazes (a kink after each square corner)
- fourleaved cloves mazes
- four boxes in a box spiral
- celtic maze
etc. etc.

A server which was able to somewhat leniently recognize
different types of patterns from the player turns would
allow all these different playing styles to be awarded
points. As there will undoubtably be new innovations
from players the different key-patterns recognized and
awarded points for should be easily configurable in a

A few hypothetical examples from the proposed text-file
180ies: L##LC or R##RC where L = left turn, R = right
turn, ## = time in microseconds (this could possibly be
replaced with some kind of coordinate
recognition/difference calculation instead - some way
to make sure it is a 180 grind and not just two left
turns), and C = counts (i.e. times this has been done
either directely after one another or possibly during a
laps: LXYC or RXYC where L = left turn, R = right turn,
XY is coordinate of turn and C = counts (i.e. corners
turned). The value for XY must be within a certain
distance from the XY corner of the arena grid for the
primary lapper and likewise for the next onto that
trail and so on.
etc. (there are four different "variations" (which can
be combined) for each starting direction -- i only care
to give one as an example here, and no; the amount of
L6R6 "segments" in a count aren't always the same and
somewhat (but not entirely) depending on trail lenght).
Yes it's complicated ;)

Especially arena lapping is a cooperative style of
armagetron playing, but the others can also be highly
cooperative. This raises questions regarding how to
award points and especially how to award extra points
or somehow differntiate between let's say 2 persons
lapping and 4 persons lapping or even more difficult: 4
persons completing 5 corners together, then 3 persons
completing another 2 etc. this is also an issue which
should be configurable: different servers would
probably like to award points differently (for example
perhaps more points to the inner grinder than the outer

I'm under no illusion that this will be a breeze to
code, snapping up the key(turn)events is i guess but
the challenge(s) lies in making the pattern recognition
bit a smooth affair and sorting out the customizeable
parts (which patterns to recognize, how to award
points, how to differentiate between solo and cooperative).

Anyway it's just a request :)

p.s. I'll add the respawning feature request later i
just want to note that it's a feature that would work
very well in some of these scenarios as:
1. people do not kill each other intentionally (or at
least: they're not supposed to) on these servers and no
points would be awarded or removed for deaths/suicides
2. it's boring to wait for lapping or mazing to end
before one can join
3. when coredumped one can rejoin immediately

ok the details will come later in another entry :)

submitted by n54, contact by pm at the forum if neccesary


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