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Notes on the various selections you can make when browsing the bug database:

The category is the rough type of the bug.
The group is latest version that contained this bug. AA here indicates that the bug was only fixed in Armagetron Advanced.

To browse all known bugs for your current version, you have to select your version and all later versions as the group.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated Priority
123 Global (window manager) keybindings don't work in fullscreen CVS open Manuel Moos 2004-04-28 2004-04-28 5  
118 split screen viewport assign bug v0.2.6 open Manuel Moos 2003-11-10 2003-11-10 5  
90 Screen initialisation fails first time v0.2.6 open Manuel Moos 2003-07-16 2003-08-10 1  
81 Spammer's connection loss v0.2.6 open Manuel Moos 2003-07-12 2003-08-10 1  
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