>  not needed :-(
 >  vlc was removed from Buildroot recently as it was broken: http://git.buildroot.net/buildroot/commit/?id=022d2062631bc29b40b8a8ad2cf28e1241e731ca
 Oh, that's a shame !
>  I saw that both are not available in buildroot. Right now I'm trying with OpenCV, as it is documented on the Wiki.
Finally, after some hours of work, I got something working ! Some ifdef in the OpenCV were wrong, and I had to configure my kernel properly (the v4l / v4l2 distinction is quite confusing !) and now I have 3 up to my 4 webcams working on our old motherboard : the newest one has an USB 1.1 controller, which the cameras don't support well, the older one has a USB 2.0 controller. If you want more details, just ask !