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Read Me

This is the SVN repository for the Armadillo C++ linear algebra library.
For news and API documentation, see

Notes on SVN directory layout

The most recent "branch-x.y" folder contains new code, potentially unstable.

Once development has finished and the code has stabilised,
the branch is cloned under a new name, for new development.

For example, once branch-3.4 has stabilised, it is cloned as branch-3.6.
New development then takes place in branch-3.6.

Non-breaking API extensions are allowed within minor versions (eg. 3.4, 3.6, etc).
API breaks are disallowed between minor versions.
API stability is important, as Armadillo is used as a platform.

API breaks are only allowed between major versions (eg. going from 3.x to 4.0).
The breaks should be minor in scale -- users should not be burdened
with unnecessary or excessive API churn.
In other words, there has to be a good reason for an API change.

Folder "ext" contains unstable extensions