#83 Filtering for all... (artists, albums, etc.)


Assume we have three columns in library view: Artists, Albüms, Title. At any time, one item from each is selected. So, listing all the titles of an artist requires pressing Ctrl+A at the albums pane. This is not very practical (especially when the library is big and you did a Ctrl+A on all artists). To avoid this impracticality, please add a filter where it says All Artists... All Albüms... All Composers..., etc. And whenever selected, selects all items in that category. So, when I want to see all the titles of an artist, instead of pressing Ctrl+A, I would just click that item (at the top) and it will list all the titles on the title pane.


  • Florian

    +1, and please make it so (or at least configurable) that a click on "All xxx" doesn't change the selection in columns to the right.

    Example use case: Artists-Albums-Title, I'm browsing a sampler (movie soundtrack) so I see only one song from that album as they are by a different artist each, and I would like to see the entire content of the album. This should be possible by clicking on "All artists", whereas currently hitting ctrl-a in Artists resets the Album selection, so I get to go through all my albums to get back to the one I was interested in...