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#89 banned


i am very respectful dadroly I turn to you I have never made ​​mistakes that share a single ip no way to recover my account?


  • Help, I got banned. What now?

    1. Calm down
    Perhaps wait a day before you do anything.

    2. Read the ban message carefully
    Was your account or ip-address "blocked" because of too many failed login attempts? Please wait half an hour and try again. If you are sharing your internet connection with family members, you might want to have a word with them.

    3. Is your account temporarily suspended?
    Please take this as a warning that your behaviour needs to improve.

    4. Is the reason "investigation"?
    The account was reported or detected at being in risk (e. g. a likely account hack). An investigation is needed. In the mean time the account is kept safe to prevent further damage (e. g.stealing of items, suicide). Note: This ban reason does not mean, that you have done something wrong. It is to protect your account. If you have helpful information, contact the displayed email address.

    5. What should I do?
    You may contact the displayed email address to request an independent review. It is a good idea to spend some time on a well written email which includes all the important details. Don't lie. The logging is very good in the sense that all the required information is there. But writing the required query commands is a time consuming task. So accurate information may speed up the investigation, but lies slow it down.

    6. Does it help to create new accounts, rent signs or spam chat?
    No, your best chance is to contact the displayed email address. Please note that bad behaviour during a suspension or ban, may result in a permanent ban without further investigation.

    7. How long does an investigation or review take?
    Stendhal is a project, which is run by volunteers in their spare time. Like commercial games, we try to answer within four weeks, sometimes we are much faster. But on complex issues or heavily work load (caused by either real life or other incidents in Stendhal), it may take longer. This is especially true, if the available time is used up by dealing with your new accounts.



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