#88 banned ip


please help me get my mind I assure you I will not return to happen very serious talk with my cousin has a problem and I can drag to please help they are asking of heart


  • Please have a close look at the error message:

    IP addresses are automatically *blocked* on too many failed login attempts
    and the block will expire after a little time.

    IP addresses are banned, if a considerable amount of bad behaviour
    originates from them. This especially includes account hack attempts and
    the creation of new accounts to circumvent account bans.

    Stendhal is run by volunteers spending a lot of spare time on it. The
    Stendhal team offers anyone the possibility to play on their server in
    principle. But people, who cause trouble resulting in additional work for
    the Stendhal team, are not invited. We are sorry, if you have to share an
    internet connection with a trouble maker.

    Please see http://stendhalgame.org/wiki/Stendhal_FAQ#Bans for details.

    • status: open --> closed


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