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#69 Plz Unbann


I dont cheat never have never will. All paulthompson does is hunt train and quest. How can you macro / recorder that. It isnt justified it cant be. Plz premove these this is unfair totally. I played your game dame in and day out. Helped players get started and did whatever i could to better it. In return you accuse me of cheating, and ban me. No wonder you have no players if this is the reward you get for being dedicated to your game. Well you should look into this and find i am innocent and remove my bans. You banned all my characters which is kinda funny in a way bankofamerica and bankofindiana has never even left bank. well anyways plz look into this and remove ban if you talk to long which im sure you will im moving on. another player lost which sucks cause i did like this game alot. well gl and have fun everyone sorry it seems to be ending this way. hope to see you all again sometime soon.


  • Hello paulthompson,

    Please contact gm-review (at) stendhalgame.org via email to get your case independently reviewed. This may take a couple of days because Stendhal is a spare time project and investigating log files is a tedious task.

    This is especially true in cases that are not obvious such as yours. If there are hundreds of clicks per second the investigation is obviously rather simple. But if the bot is not that buggy, analysing the gameEvents is a lot more difficult and therefore takes time.

    Good luck.

    PS: When you contact gm-review, it may be helpful to use proper language.

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    • summary: What is going on --> Plz Unbann
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