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I use Marauroa in Maven environments so I ended up needing to mavenize Marauroa. Is just adding one file to the source. Project can then be built both via Maven or via Ant.

It would be great if you guys published on Maven repositories. Everything is already set up, just needs someone to follow instructions here: https://docs.sonatype.org/display/Repository/Sonatype+OSS+Maven+Repository+Usage+Guide and update the pom file. I can help you guys with that.


  • Mavenization

  • I did some fixed to the pom.xml files, updated the tests to work with an in-memory database.

    I deleted the pom.xml again for now (see history for the latest version) becase there are still some issues:

    • The UTF-8 support tests fail:
      - testWithUTF8(marauroa.common.io.UnicodeSupportingInputStreamReaderTest)
      - testWithUTF8WithBOM(marauroa.common.io.UnicodeSupportingInputStreamReaderTest)
    • "mvn install" downloads a large number of apparently unrelated libraries
    • There is a lib/junit-4.4.jar which the bundled hamcrest-core. "mvn install" puts a new junit.jar (unbundled) and hamcrest-core.jar next to it
    • "mvn install" creates a lib/license folder and puts some license files there. We should unify that with the license files manually placed in lib (either systems is okay from my point of view, but we should only have one)
  • 1) The UTF-8 might be just a missing POM configuration.
    2) This is a side effect of using Maven.
    3) Need more details on this one.
    4) The licenses used are the official ones for the downloaded jars. It can be configured.

    Once you clarify I'll take a look.

  • Can you point me to your changes so I can checkout? Got here way too late I guess. The emails was buried since I was out on vacation.



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