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#616 New background music


Use it with any license you need to (except Public Domain); credit: Tobias "ToBeFree" Frei

If you have improvement ideas or suggestions, you can find me in the #arianne channel.


  • Katie Russell
    Katie Russell

    Hi, a minimum requirement is to include a recommendation of where the music is to be included, so that the coders can implement it.

    Please indicate if it's for a whole zone or just a specified area in the zone, too.
    It can be used in more than one zone if it fits.

    Thank you!

  • Katie Russell
    Katie Russell

    On licensing : it would need to be under the GPL v2 (or later compatible GPL).

    In the case of music, if the track was composed of multiple channels, we need a source format that means the multiple channels can be separated out, too.

  • bluelads4

    Hmm it might fit into some libraries maybe... or at Valo in Ados church upstairs?

  • Licensing: GPL is okay; if you want/need to, I hereby release this music under the terms of the GPL v2. ;-)

    I do not really know where the music would fit best. Bluelads' idea sounds nice, but it could be used in a dark forest or something like that, too.^^

    The music was composed of one single channel, played by two hands on a keyboard. I played both hands at the same time, so the MIDI actually is the "source" file.



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