2007/11/4, Martin Fuchs <martin-fuchs@gmx.net>:

I generated online source code documentation for the projects Stendhal and Marauaroa by using Doxygen and put it on the net:


What do you think about this? If you find it useful, I may setup a cronjob to update it ever day after any source code change. I configured the Doxygen options so to create quite much information including call graphs, caller graphs and inlined source. I can disable some of this options if you think it's not needed or to make it more readable.

I have never been friend of placing that kind of things online as they are not really helpful in my honest opinion.
It may make sense to add it for Marauroa, but most of the times the javadocs are not complete and you need to refer to source code ( speaking of my personal experience ). When that happens I have tried to update the javadoc.

Anyway, feel free to place them online if you wish.