We wrote that ages ago didnt we? :)
anyway, just wanted to say to all that I will be away for 6 weeks from tomo. I know i havent been around much anyway lately, sorry about that. but anyway see you all in 6 weeks (hopefully will get properly involved again then as I will be a normal student again and so be doing nothing ;-) !

here is my travel log

steve i.

On 10/3/06, Rod <Rod@rods.id.au> wrote:
Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin wrote:

>Are you looking for adventure? Want to fight for riches?
>Develop yourself and your social standing? Meet new people?
>Do you want to be part of a brave new world?
>Stendhal is a full fledged multiplayer online adventures game (MMORPG)
>developed using the Arianne game development system.
>Stendhal features a new, rich and expanding world in which you can explore
>towns, buildings, plains, caves and dungeons.
>You will meet NPCs and acquire tasks and quests for valuable experience and
>cold hard cash.
>Your character will develop and grow and with each new level up become
>stronger and better. With the money you acquire you can buy new items and
>improve your
>armour and weapons. And for the blood thirsty of your; satisfy your killing
>desires by roaming the world in search of evil monsters!
>Stendhal is totally platform independent, written using Java 1.5 and the
>Java2D environment.
>So what are you waiting for?! A whole new world awaits...
>- added dice gambling in Semos Tavern with golden trousers as the jackpot
>- fixed lag because of broken key handling on X11 (Linux)
>- display other players on minimap
>- made jail accessible to normal players
>- added additional clothes and hair styles for females
>- changed our default server to stendhal.game-host.org
>- converted admin / game master commands from groovy to reloadable java
    Excellent, this is the way to Introduce Stendhal.

    BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the Author :D

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