Hello everyone,

I started to move the way something is described to the server,  making it possible to configure descriptions with the server content and without the need of releasing a new client version.
So when you look at things instead of
"You see a wooden shield. This is a defense item. Stats are (DEF: 10)."
something like
"You see shield. It is  made of cheap wood and heavily used. However, it still seems to offer you some kind of basic protection."
would appear.

The default text will be the same as it is now, but can be configured for items and creatures in the xml files.
For anything of base type entity it can be changed by overwriting the (new) games.stendhal.server.entity.Entity.describe() function. 

That will allow players to set a personal description / profile, too.

This will be a bigger update as a lot of files of server and client will be affected.
Any of you guys have any comments on it?